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Queen Amanirenas was one of the greatest kandakes, or queen mothers, that ruled in partner with Kushite kings. She reigned as early as from about 40 B.C.E. Queen Amanirenas was considered brave and blinded in one eye due to her loyal combat side-by-side with her own soldiers. A roman soldier had swiftly wounded her eye and pierced the vulnerable organ necessary for sight. Her husband was King Teriteqas, who died at the beginning of the war from protecting their territory from the menacing Romans.
In 24 B.C.E., she defended the Kushites against the Romans. They had already taken over Egypt, and were demanding Kush to present tributes, or gifts, that meant that they believed they were better than Kush. In order to stop them, Queen Armanirenas and her son, Prince Akinidad, led attacks to all the Roman forts that were on the borderline of Kush. After 3 years of harsh fighting, they signed a peace treaty with the Romans.
Queen Amanirenas - The Kingdom of Kush

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