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King Piye - The Kingdom of KushKing Piye - The Kingdom of Kush
After the end of the New Kingdom, Egypt fell into horrible political trouble. At least 10 of the Egyptian kingdoms battled each other for power, making Egypt weak and unstable. In the mid 700 B.C., Kush took advantage of Egypt's weak society and the Kushite army invaded Egypt. In about 730 B.C.E., the kings of northern Egypt surrendered to the Kushite. The Egyptians were under Kushite control for about a century. After taking over Egypt, Piye declared himself Pharaoh of Egypt.The kingdom of Kush extended 15,000 miles; from the Kushite city to the Mediterranean Sea.
King Piye was the first ruler of the 25th dynasty. For nearly a century the Kushite pharaohs ruled Eygpt. "Black Pharaohs" was the term historians traditionally used for the Kushite pharaohs. Instead of tearing down Egypt, the Kushite wanted to resurrect Eygpt's past glory. In both Kush and Egypt, the Kushite built magnificent new temples and pyramids. The temple at Jebel Barkal was among the most beautiful, and supported the religious practices. By the 670s B.C.E., the Assyrians were threatening Egypt with their growing power. In671 B.C.E., an Assyrian king invaded Egypt. The Kushite tried to fight off the Assyrians for many years, but the Assyrians used their advanced weapons and skillful techniques to win the wars.

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