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The Ancient Kush were a civilization to honor. They were established in 2000 B.C.E.,and survived the ancient world until about 350 CE. They had a long history with ancient Egypt, and evidence of their close ties can be proven.

A Quick Summary on the History of Kush

Kush was a very significant civilization that had settled on the southern side of the Nile River in Africa. Soon after its neighbor, Egypt began raiding Kush and starting to take over its territory, Egypt's power soars to its height. They use the advantage to conquer Kush and forced them to pay tributes. As the Kushites lived their own personal lives, their daily lives had to be altered, and weaved into the path of the Egyptians'.
Egypt soon collapsed, however, and then Kush took the weakened and separated ends of what was left of Egypt, and tied the strings back together. They resurrected and restored the culture, customs, and traditions of the Ancient Egyptians. A hundred years after, the Assyrians had become a growing threat. They soon invaded Egypt, pushing the Kushites back into their original Kingdom.
Wanting to equal the Assyrians' power, Ancient Nubia began to craft tools and weapons out of iron. They had enough natural resources to supply their materials, and mastered their techniques of iron making. After splitting away from Egypt, Kush returned to its ancient African roots. Its civilization flourished, as did the skills of citizens and artisans. They also withstood a long battle with Rome, a powerful civilization in the ancient world. Surviving for almost a thousand years, the Kingdom of Kush finally fell to its knees as it was conquered later by the African country of Ethiopia.

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